Recoupling Prosperity and Sustainability

The AM-Steve House Sustainability Program is designed to use innovation market-driven solutions to address the various existential risks humanity face.

Announcing the AM-Steve House Sustainability Program for Renewable Energy, and Food & Agriculture

Investment plan

$100 Million investment plan

Time Frame: 

$5 to 10 years



Target Group

Youth, Women & the vulnerable groups



Funding Round

Open and Elastic

Funding Type

 Investment, Grants, Debts/Loans, Revenue-sharing, others

Target Demographic

Rural, semi-urban, urban slums, low-income groups, marginalized, etc.




food and agriculture

Standardize – Collaborate & Coordinate – Feed Africa

An additional 50 million people in Africa becoming food secure


Innovate – Synergize – Scale

Disrupting the carbon energy market through local capacity building, market innovation and technology efficiency

AM-Steve House Sustainability Program is designed to leverage effective technology innovations, strategic market initiatives and profitable business models to:

  1. Address existential risks like climate/environmental risks and food shortage effective
  2. Magnify and multiply social impact and increase profit
  3. Recouple prosperity and profit and simultaneously broaden and deepen inclusion
  4. Catalyze development and build robust 21st-century relevant resilience
  5. Create inclusive wealth and guarantee social economic justice

All ventures under our Sustainability Program are owner-operated i.e. we are the primary operator of the businesses though we seek to ensure rapid replication, independent adoption and inclusion through robust partnership innovations once we have proven each business model.

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