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At AM-Steve House we don’t just connect you to opportunities, we prepare for opportunities; [Preparation x Opportunity = Success] – you simply can’t be wrong with us!

We also give you access to technical & development support, legal & documentation support, market networks & contacts, external evaluation, mentorship, any of our partners’ maker-spaces, fully equipped co-working spaces, and optional opportunity to co-founders who are complementary to you.

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Our Services

A smile is the universal welcome
therefore we make sure you and your business gets welcome
across the globe with 8 services to make sure you end up smiling

Education & Training

We focus on the 21st century relevant education which our traditional school system failed to provide for you. We focus in developing customized skills, knowhow and competences in places they are most needed.

Market Validation

We take you through showing your venture have the right product-market fit & problem-solution fit and as well having the initial traction including MVP, Users, Revenue, etc.

Business Plan

We help you develop the right business model and strategy


We provide you the need critical funding in two stages, first to validate your market and the second round to launch and scale your solution or reach external or follow up investment readiness


We provide you access to experienced business mentors and advisors. Plus market contacts

Technical support

We provide you with tailored technical support including tools, technology experts and platform to build and launch your solution. Should you need a co-founder we help you find and select the right co-founder.

Access to network

We link you up with a vast range of collaborator, partners and customers to excel in the market

Market Support

We do not only support, we work with implement form A-Z. And also help you build your business process and structure through the stages

Why Us?

Our Criteria

Focus On low-income households

We are looking for ventures with focus on inclusion, distribution and development and that clearly solve at least one of the SDGs.

Game-Changing Solution

Your solution must be the solution – an innovative disruption – not a solution.


We prefer innovations with digital technology differentiator or deep technology products with distribution innovation  differentiator but we are also concerned about technology neutrality and thus accept other categories of ventures that are landmark disruptions.

Market Opportunity

We look for ventures with unlimited venture scale, huge scalable advantage plus unique market advantage.

Entrepreneur & Motivation

Though we are also interested in the market offering but we invest in the people. We are easily seduced by great and passionate team but interestingly we look at you from who you can become not just who you are, now.

Market Global

We prefer solutions tailored to the African market. Having global market potential is a huge plus.

Our Ventures


Type: Startup
Sector: Education/E-learning
Video-based computer-adaptive e-learning for offline learners without the internet in real-time.
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PLC Limited

Type: Startup
Sector: Fintech/Waste Management
Micro-savings and micro-insurance platform where users pay a premium or contribute saving by donating waste.
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Type: Startup
Connecting participants virtually in a 3D immersive format that allows them connect and experience as if they are in a physical venue
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Type: Startup
Sector: Logistics/Transportation
UAV hailing service (Platform-as-a-Service) at press of a button for heavy-duty high-endurance long range drones. We will manufacture and sell UAVs to platform users on a B2B basis [double-layer strategy].
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Type: Startup
Sector: Fintech
Using Blockchain to bank the 75% of Nigeria’s unbanked and informal sector
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Type: Startup
Sector: Education/E-learning
School monitor and teachers-pupils classroom management solution.
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Type: Startup
Sector: Fintech/Education
Micro-saving and remittance platform supporting migrants to quickly adjust in their new locations.
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Type: Startup
Sector: Healthcare
A digital mental health lab that gamifies mental healthcare using AI and VR, accessible from low-cost devices.
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Type: Business Project
Sector: Health
On-demand mobile hospital and mobile health marketplace for last-mile communities and urban poor.
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Type: Business Project
Sector: Renewable Energy
Video-based computer-adaptive e-learning for offline learners without the internet in real-time.
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Type: Business Project/Startup
Sector: Agriculture/e-Commerce
Data-driven smart farming for smallholder farmer increasing yield per hectare. Supporting farmers to become experts, access resources and market.
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