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Capacity Building for Global Competitiveness & Innovation in Africa

Africa populations poorly translate to market size. This can be traced to a number of factors including under-developed market and distribution systems; huge financing and investment deficits and poor industrial base plus other factors all culminating into the default exclusion of the majority of Africa’s people from participating in the Industry 4.0.

For instance, it’s always about the top 2% – the 2% in Africa who has enough internet data to learn online or the top 2% in Nigeria with up to N500k in their bank accounts to participate in e-commerce. There are different market initiatives, especially digital innovations, attempting to include more people but the impacts are largely limited as we still lack the capacity to produce and for value addition. Under normal conditions, trade/distribution drive production and vice versa i.e. software needs hardware to run or digital economy never existed in a vacuum but in a space of valid economy. Thus the need for synergy between the digital and physical assets which is obviously diminished in Africa and with the surge of the global economy of embedded systems called Industry 4.0, Africa is likely to get more excluded, poorer, and underdeveloped.

Increased participation is critical for Africa to survive and thrive. For instance, using the African reference, the SDGs are impossible except with a significant increase in the number of simultaneous innovations in production and distribution to drive robust wealth creation. Africa needs to increase by, at least, an additional $12trillion in GDP by 2030, to reach $15 trillion up from the current $3trillion, to equilibrate on population size and population growth, and escape poverty. The most effective way to achieve this is through distribution and market innovation at the bottom of the pyramid and not innovating alone for the saturated elites’ market (i.e. the top 2%). We must drive robust wealth creation and ensure it trickles down to the bottom of the pyramid populations through new market development.

But this is a systemic challenge and requires no single isolated solution but an integrative system solutions to drive capacity building at all levels. This requires distribution and production increasing in magnitude and synergy and romanced simultaneously by a robust increase in investments and financing and supported by innovative policies and visionary leadership. As a private sector player, we obviously cannot promise the later, i.e. in terms of political leadership, but politics dictates economics and vice versa and we can achieve the market leadership that surpasses the threshold for disruption i.e. changing the basis of competition to compel policies and economics through ethical free-market exchange and innovations.

The foregoing requires capacity building, inclusion, and strategy. AM-Steve House is an Education, Business Development, Technology, Investment, Research, and Advisory/Consulting outfit specializing in strategy, innovation, and new market development to catalyze local value-addition to drive development and Africa’s global competitiveness. We focus on Education and we follow strongly that it’s the making of a functional member of the society. Through Education and innovation, we build strategies for engagement and inclusion to achieve sustainable capacity

Announcing the AM-Steve House Sustainability Program in Renewable Energy and Food/Agriculture:

A $100 million innovation plan and investment vehicle to feed and light up Africa.

Our Objectives

We seek to significantly increase global partnership between Africa and the rest of the world and to become a global market leader in the Global South enabling and championing the attainment of the SDGs

We are poised to provide robust market leadership driving connectedness, synergy, innovation and increased market development and to catalyze the robust development of Africa’s capacity for local value-additions; accelerated increase in productive capacities; and global competitiveness.

We strive to champion the robust development of the digital economy in the Bottom of the Pyramid and to become the market leader creating better inclusive systems, promoting distribution, catalyzing development, and making opportunities more even including in demographics with more needs, deprivation, uncertainties, vulnerabilities and marginalization.

We are working to revolutionize and reinvent financing by effectively minimizing the financing deficits in Africa by evolving system innovations that redefine finance as “the flow of money to create value” to “the flow of resources to create value”. And to provide the platform and synergy for remarkable increased investment flows into Africa and simultaneously and meaningfully de-risk investment and increase returns on investment.

We are committed to disrupt Africa’s education system to realign with the 21st-century realities and capacity building for global competitiveness and to trigger the robust development of homemade engineering and technology innovations in Africa and catalyze increased industrial base and investment in the sector.

We prioritize providing overwhelming market leadership in recoupling profit and humanity by leveraging profitable market models to effectively address sustainability challenges and other existential risks including climate and environment risks.

It’s central for us to influence critical policies for development through market innovation and management strategy and also evolve new and radical forms of ownership for increased wealth creation, social justice, and reduced inequalities.

Our Services

We match practical market experience to topnotch excellence in professional practice to efficiently give you world class value and long lasting impact.

Incubation & Business Development Services

We accept innovation from pre-research, pre-idea, and pre-traction stage. We can do so profitably because of our rare expertise in de-risking solutions effectively and specialization in value addition.

Investments & Fund Management

We focus on impact-focused investment, we specialize in innovations, impact, and profit engineering! We are the actual connect - we combine real-time experience as market entrepreneurs with the insights and wisdom of seasoned business mentors, experts, and investors. Get more ROI in less time and leave sustainable impacts on the market.

Education, Technology Development & Capacity Building

Gain the capacity and unfair advantage that can not easily be replicated to lead with your project through our innovative education schemes. It's tailored! It's real-time! And it's effective!


We bring you more value and innovative strategy. Our team consists of world-class individuals in academics, business, non-profit, and development. The team is backed by a pan-African network of experts from over 32 African countries and counting.

Consulting and Advisory Service

Connect your work to strategy and innovation seamlessly. We are particularly unique as we simply don't hand you recommendations and proposals, we can go further to experiment culminating solutions through our network of peer executive boards from different African countries, if applicable.

Development Innovations and Policy Support

Gain critical data, grassroots support, and policy support multiply the impact of your development efforts with efficiency.

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