Using Data to Power Small-Scale Producer To Grow More Per Hectare

Using Data to Power Small-Scale Producer To Grow More Per Hectare

Africa don’t need more farmers or to cultivate more hectares – Africa only needs to increase yield per hectare. PRD We provide Small-Scale Producers [SSPs] or Smallholder Farmers [SHFs] the Funding [bundled finance]; the Skills and Know-how, and the Access to Market to increase your farm productivity. We are an end-to-end system solution – we will teach you how to farm, give you all you need including money, inputs, irrigation, insurance, etc and tell you how much food you will produce and sell it for you.

Our Offering

Plexus Farms

We operate farm chains which help us generate certain some data for benchmarking and standardization.


Our core offering is data platform innovation that allow you plan, mobiblize optimized resources and execute - from climate and satellite data to agronomic data like soil, water, temperature and climate; to seed, genetics and crop yield model; to trust, safety and standardization data e.g. traceability data; to finicial, farm data and farmer behaviour; to geospatial, aerial and satellite data; to service providers, suppliers and vendors data; to market data; etc.

Finance and Farm Inputs

We provide bundled finance in form of operating cash, inputs like seed, fertilizer, pesticide, and machinery

Training and Extension Service

We train in the worldclass agronomy and farm practice and then tailor your learning to your immediate realities. You are able to access action-centered, peer-styled and farm project-based experience.


We provide you access to experienced business mentors and advisors. Plus market contacts

Technical support

We provide you with tailored technical support including tools, technology experts and platform to build and launch your solution. Should you need a co-founder we help you find and select the right co-founder.

Advisory and Business Development

Farmplexus help you plan better, lessen the guess work, minimize waste and sell at higher prices. For instance, by providing affordable renewable energy-based irrigation through third-party service providers, agronomic and market data [to plant and harvest against seasons when prices are >3x]. Also export support services, marketing and processing, etc.

Market and Ecosystem Access

Sell at the best market prices, bypass the middlemen and get access to a verified pool of buyers and reduce waste through solidly-structured logistics and supplychain management. You also gain access to [a marketplace including] the different valuechain players including aggregators, processor, consumers, service providers, vendors, etc.

How It Works

About Us

AMSteve House is a venture capital, business development service and investment service organization with focus on building future-focused global African unicorn that, today, have the biggest impact at the base of the pyramid.


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